3 Reasons Why It’s Hard To Get Hired in 2023

by Denise Renee  - September 18, 2023

“I’m the perfect candidate… so why haven’t they hired me yet? You know what? It’s not me, it’s them!” 

So goes the conversation in my head! 😂

Does something similar go on in your head too? 

If you’ve been job hunting for the better part of 2023, as I’ve been, you might be running out of reasons to comfort yourself since everyone seems to be passing up on the best thing since sliced bread! (That would be you and me!)

While I’m always down for a good self-soothing session, I do balance them out with healthy doses of reality.

One job I held in the past was in the recruiting field so I’ve had a birds-eye view of what employers see and experience during the hiring process. While I’m not a fan of what I’m currently experiencing as a job seeker this year, I have to consider things from the employer’s side as I go through the process. 

Check out this video to learn what three of those considerations could be (along with a peek into my personal job hunting journey this year).

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. The sentiment could also apply to landing your perfect gig; you just have to apply to a lot of positions to find “The One.”

Like, a lot!

I’ll be honest and say that it gets challenging for me to remain positive and upbeat while I lumber through the process. But these are a few things I’m doing to proactively keep my emotions and actions in check.

1 — I’m being intentional about being patient. I have accepted that the process is long. I have other things to focus on besides refreshing my Gmail app on my phone to see who responded to my application submission… if at all.

2 — I will pause my submission process when I start to feel overwhelmed or upset.

3 — I recently used August to take a break, make a hard reset and refocus my life. I’m more than my employment status.

4 — I reactivated my daily spiritual routine. I’m connected to something bigger than me. My life has a greater purpose than just paying bills.

5 — I don’t listen to job market news (or dwell on it too much when it comes across my feed) because it’s conflicting.

6 — I’m increasing my knowledge and skills with courses and certifications.

Do you have any job hunt coping suggestions that you would add to this list? Please share with me in the comments. 

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