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by Denise Renee  - October 20, 2023

All ships rise with the tide.

With the explosive launch of ChatGPT-3 in November of 2022, it seemed like the world suddenly became aware of AI’s presence and capabilities in our modern world. For a while, people talked about nothing else in mainstream media and on every social platform… especially YouTube. It was almost as if ChatGPT was the only AI powered software functioning in the marketplace and this was the one AI tool to rule them all! 🤣

But my response to that is, to borrow Ivan Van Sertina’s 1976 book title, “They Came Before Columbus!”

ChatGPT was not the first to the AI table. Neither is it the only tool writers, bloggers and video script creators have to use.

At the beginning of 2023, my YouTube feed was flooded with videos on how to use ChatGPT to write everything from emails, to marketing copy, to blogs, and even entire books! To that last point, I scoffed.

I’ll admit it… I’m one of those “snobby writers!” But if you grew up devouring books written for adults since the 7th grade, sat in the front row of all your honors English classes, got a degree in it, taught it in high school for three years, AND have been a paid professional journalist, marketing copywriter, ghostwriter and manuscript editor since 1999, then you’d be a snobby writer too! 🤣

Now while I admit to initially turning up my nose at the idea of using ChatGPT to write an entire book, I’m not so blind as to ignore how AI tools can be helpful in the writing process. 

As a writing coach for business professionals and entrepreneurs, I’m often working with people who want to share their ideas in a book, however, they don’t feel like a “writer.” They know writing isn’t a strong skill for them and they are often doubtful about their ability to write a whole book. 

My job as their writing coach is to help them clarify their ideas, outline their content and develop a strategy for starting their writing process and remaining consistent until they complete their manuscript. I definitely see how integrating an AI writing tool can make the process easier for them, as well as help them to cut down on editing costs.

I’ll be honest, though: I don’t care for some videos and courses I’ve seen advocating the use of ChatGPT to generate the entire contents of a book. I have so many questions about that (and this is me being kind!) I certainly couldn’t recommend that approach to the types of clients I serve. Typically, they want to express their original ideas, concepts, and stories in their own words.

Thankfully, you don’t only have to use ChatGPT’s generative capabilities; you can use it to help you modify your original writing. But even better than that, there are other AI tools designed specifically for writers to help with any type of writing you want to do… even song writing!

And quite a number of them were around before November 2022!

This Is A Living Blog Post on AI Writing Generation and AI Writing Assistant Tools

My goal in this blog post is to share AI tools (besides ChatGPT) that are created specifically for writers and writing tasks. These tools can help you with your original creative or business writing content as well as generate from prompts.

My initial intention was to share ten such tools, provide a convenient downloadable infographic and to create a video reviewing them. However, as I continued researching, I kept coming across more and more tools!

I decided to only cover ten in the video as to not make it super long. As such, towards the end of this article, you will see a list of more AI writing tools that you can explore. When I discover more, I will continue adding to the list and providing more information about each one. I’ll also include links to more AI writing and content creation videos that I make. So, feel free to bookmark this page and check it every few months. 

Now, a note about the video.

I truly try to do things with excellence and to the best of my ability. However what you are about to see is “good enough” quality. The reason is because the process of creating this video – blog post – infographic ecosystem was longer than I thought and held up other projects behind the scenes. I didn’t have the time or energy to record it again.

I used Zoom to capture the screen record portion of the video. During the editing process, I realized that it inadvertently covered and cut off portions of my screen. Also, there are places where the video freezes or lags behind the audio. Less than thrilled, I decided to proceed with the existing recording because the information contained in it is still valuable.

I’m trusting that you will find this ecosystem a helpful resource to making your book writing or content creation process easier and faster.

10 AI Tools For Writers… That are not chatGPT

#1 –

Bard might seem an unlikely choice since it is constantly compared to Chet GPT. However, it has many functions that are writer friendly. For example, it can help you generate additional drafts of your original content, as well as whatever you have prompted it to write for you. You can customize the tone and the style of your output. You can also summarize text, create translations and so much more. All this for $FREE.99!

#2 –

This site provides a suite of AI writing tools including an AI writer, an AI text summarizer, an AI paraphrase engine, an AI headline generator, and an AI story writer. Their interface is very text heavy and not visually appealing but their tools are exactly what writers need. There is a free version, but when you pay, you get more. Their monthly plans start at $15.00.

#3 –

This is a software that’s been around since 2007 and has recently added on more AI capabilities. They consider themselves an “authoring app” because they exist very specifically for people writing books. Their suite of tools is a whole ecosystem for writing and publishing a book. After their free trial, the monthly fee is $14.99.

#4 –

This is another AI writing tool specifically created for fiction writers. So if you feel stuck while writing your short story or novel, this is the AI writing tool for you. It has an advanced AI engine for story generation. It can suggest ideas for plots, characters, and dialogues. And if you input a section of something you’ve already written, it can even help you finish your thoughts or continue your story. Start with a free trial, then pay $19.00 to enjoy their cool features.

#5 – is very unique in that it is a suite of over 100 AI powered apps. It’s truly a suite of tools that helps you create just about anything you can think of. They do have a handful of apps specifically for writers that can help you write emails, sales copy, short stories and even screenplays. You can use them for free, but you’ll get more when you enter a payment plan which starts at a reasonable $19.00 a month.

#6 –

This is a very marketing focused tool that can help you create marketing content, social media posts, blog posts, and even write fiction. It will help you create multiple drafts of your work and you can translate into other languages. You can optimize your content with your keywords, check for plagiarism and so much more. You can get started for free but their lowest plan is $9.00 per month. And of all the tools I’ve examined so far, I think this is the best value for the price. 

#7 – is the best in class tool for creating AI generated or assisted content for marketing purposes. One of their top features is the ability to generate text in a variety of styles including, journalistic, academic, and creative. It gives you the opportunity to create multiple drafts of your work. And if you’re not sure how to get started, they have templates and prompts to help you create more quickly. As the best in class, their paid plan starts at $49.00 per month after a free trial. 

#8 –

According to their founder, this tool helps you brainstorm and research faster. And it can generate a plagiarism free, SEO friendly article just from the headline you feed it. Like other tools on this list, it is designed to help you generate a variety of writing applications such as articles, blog posts, social media posts, emails, product descriptions, and more. It also works in creative formats such as poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, and letters. Their paid plans start at $29 a month. 

#9 – 

This is another tool that is very tightly focused on helping writers to create. It offers a blend of business and creative outputs such as emails, articles, outlines, ad copy product descriptions, technical manuals, song lyrics, newsletters, stories and more. Another good value player, their monthly subscription starts at $19.99.

#10 – is another top AI writing tool, comparable to copy AI. It can generate content in a variety of formats including blog posts, articles, social media, ads, email and more. You can create multiple drafts, optimize your content for SEO, and check for plagiarism. You can get started for free and their basic plan is $49.00 per month.

Additional AI Tools For Writers

Here are more AI tools for writers that I have discovered after my initial research. Please feel free to explore. I will continue adding to and developing this section of the post, so be sure to bookmark this page. Better still, sign up for email alerts below and I’ll let you know when I’ve made a significant update.

Thank you so much for taking the time to explore this resource. Did you find it helpful? Do you know of any other AI writing tools that I should list here? Is there a particular AI writing topic you’d like me to explore? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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