How To Get Clients From Your Book

by Denise Renee  - June 17, 2024

I LOVE curry salmon salad! It’s like tuna salad but elevated. I particularly enjoy the juxtaposition between the seasonings I put in it and the sweetness of the raisins. 

Yes, I love raisins in my salmon salad. Don’t judge me!🤣 

A few months ago, I planned to make some. In anticipation, I purchased a six-pack of those mini boxes of raisins during my grocery run. I saw my son snacking on them for a few days straight after school, but I didn’t think anything of it. Surely, there would be one or two boxes left when I was ready for them.

That was until I was almost finished making my salad a few days later. I went to look for a box in the cupboard. Child! Those boxes of raisins were looking for me! 

Turns out, they had fallen down the black hole that is CJ‘s stomach, well beyond my capacity to rescue them! 🤣 

I’m joking now, but I was so upset in the moment. And he wasn’t even there for me to give him the stank-eye in person! 

CJ goes to the school zoned for my address, so the bus drops him to my house daily. But if it’s his day to be with his dad, he’s only in my home long enough to get a snack and maybe finish one homework assignment before he gets picked up. 

The stank-eye just doesn’t have the same effect over Facetime, but I gave it my best shot. I reminded him for the 159th time to please let me know when he’s finished the last of something so I know to restock. Low key, it also helps me manage my expectations for food and household supplies, so I’m not surprised when something I want isn’t there!

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate when I set my mind to eating something in particular but must make a different choice at the last minute. The second choice just doesn’t quite satisfy. Now, I realize this is a problem of the privileged so let me take a moment to acknowledge how blessed I truly am. 

At least my delayed gratification was well satisfied. Those seasonings got good and soaked in overnight and when I added my raisins the next day, BABY! It was chef’s kiss delicious!

When I went to the store, I made a sagacious decision. I purchased three packs of six mini boxes. I used one mini box to finish my salad and left the other five in their usual place in the cupboard.

I then hid the other two packs in plain sight in the pantry. When my son got off the bus that day, I downgraded the stank-eye to a side-eye since now I could give it to him in person.

“I’m sorry! They are so good!” That was his only defense, as he shoved a bunch into his mouth while his hand already had a tiny box in a chokehold.

“Oh yeah?” I retorted. “Well, I hope you enjoy those. I have more, but I hid them in plain sight. You will never find them!”

“I bet I will!” he asserted. 

I laughed out loud with a hardy, confident cackle that visibly deflated his confidence. If there’s one thing I know about my 12-year-old son, he does NOT know how to search! 

Whenever I ask him to look for something in his book bag, in his bedroom, or even in the pantry, he never finds it. He will turn his head in the general vicinity of where he’s supposed to be looking, let his eyes glaze over the area for half a millisecond, then conclude, “I can’t find it!“

He looks, but doesn’t search closely or with intent. He doesn’t take his time to go over every square inch of an area carefully so he can identify his target. I know it’s terrible to exploit a child’s weakness, but I had raisins to protect! 

As such, I was able to successfully hide several packs of raisins from him in plain sight in the pantry for three whole months before he accidentally discovered only one of my hiding places!🤣


I can’t be mad at my son, though. At some point in our lives, we all fall victim to looking at something without ever truly seeing it. We don’t always take the time to search closely or with intent. We’ve gotten so used to Googling everything, if the answer isn’t accessible within 0.34852 seconds, we move on. 

So many things in life and business are hiding in plain sight, right in front of us, all the time! If only we make time to conduct an honest search, our lives would be richer.

On the other hand, we can always shortcut our learning by tapping into a specialist’s knowledge. We can get the cheat sheet from someone who has dedicated their time and energy to becoming an expert in their field. 

As a person who has been a digital marketing student and practitioner over the last 15+ years, I’ve developed a superpower. I’ve now spent so much time analyzing direct response and branding campaigns, that I can see one, deconstruct it, and understand the various components that made that campaign work (or flop), regardless of whether I have real-world experience with those techniques or not.

I can see what’s hiding in plain sight… when it comes to marketing!

I’ve been observing and analyzing business books I’ve enjoyed throughout the years. Because I have trained my eyes to see the under-workings of marketing campaigns, I quickly noticed a pattern. I saw how the successful authors got a consistent flow of new clients from their books. I took notes and stored it away for my future use.

Today, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned. I want to be transparent and confess this isn’t something I have real-world experience in. While I have ghostwritten several books for clients, I have never been the one responsible for launching and promoting a book. Not yet, anyway. However, as I am preparing to publish my first book soon, I already have an airtight client acquisition plan I’ll be following.

I don’t believe in gatekeeping, so I’m essentially sharing my plan with you in today’s featured video below. Get ready to take notes because I’m about to give you the cheat sheet for how to turn your book into new clients for your business!

Many self-published business book authors have followed this plan to great success. Others, sadly, missed clues that are hiding in plain sight. The beauty is that I am sharing it with you today so that when you are ready to write and publish your first or your next client-facing book, you will know exactly what to do.


The following video is essentially a free masterclass. I recommend you watch it several times to ensure you have the concepts down pat. If you need help with implementation, you can always set up a time to speak with me at


The only way the above tips and strategies will work is if you craft your book in a way that lends itself to being a book funnel and a terrific, long-term branding and marketing strategy for your business.

So in this resource section, here is everything you need to know that will help you write the type of book that will get you the results you want.

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