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Get The Clarity, group accountability, And live Coaching You need To Get Started Writing Your Book... and finish a first draft in just a few weeks!

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Stop Making Excuses and start making time!

The right time to write your book has never magically appeared on your calendar… 

Which makes now perfect!

You’ve thought about writing a book for a while because you know the difference it will make for your personal or business brand. 

You’re tired of not being perceived as the big deal you know you are.

Getting passed over for speaking and media opportunities because the person with the book got it sucks. 

Clients who push back on your pricing are draining because you’re always trying to show and justify your value.


You can no longer wait for things to “slow down” so you can create your magnum opus because you’ve finally realized that… 

The only time there will ever be to write your book is what you choose to make!

But now that you’re ready, there’s only one question left:

How do you get started writing a book that will give you the results you want?



The reason you find it challenging to get started writing your book is because you are probably lacking one or more of these four critical components:

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Before you can write your book, you must be 100% clear on:

  • your audience
  • your content
  • the results you want to experience


Don't try to write your book from scratch! Instead, write your book by modeling a format that book buyers have already demonstrated that they love.


You must have a plan for writing your book. Having one will set you up for success and will help you recenter whenever you get off track. Your writing plan should include:

  • your book's outline.
  • sheduled time you've committed for writing.
  • writing hacks that will make your process easier.


An accelerator is an element (or group of elements providing a common result) that kicks your results into overdrive.  

In the case of writing a book, having a coach to guide your progress and a cohort of colleagues you can relate to as you all take your book writing journeys together will give you the accountability you need to remain focused until you achieve results.

Now you can get the clarity, a framework, a plan, and an accelerator for your book writing process in one package!


The Live Accelerator

It is an intimate, live, group learning experience, designed to help you get started writing your book and complete your first draft quickly in a matter of weeks.

You will receive the curriculum via an interactive ebook (complete with links to explainer videos) and the workbook days before the kick-off live, 4hr intensive. During the intensive, we will structure your book and create your writing plan TOGETHER. 

There are four, 1hr group sessions that follow. They are dedicated to answering your specific questions about what you’re writing and providing you with support as you work on completing your fast first draft.


"You can't get started [writing a book] when you don't even know what the process looks like! This product helped me figure that out!  I didn’t know how to organize my ideas or how to simplify my train of thought. HOW TO START WRITING YOUR BOOK helped me learn how to take a [book] project from start to finish, and how to connect it to my business framework. This product will work when you work the product! Thank you Denise Renee for helping me to get started [writing my book]!"

Nina Oglesby

PR & Brand messaging Strategist

Denise Renee's HOW TO START WRITING YOUR BOOK was a turning point for me:  a hopeful author lost in a sea of ideas. Her guidance helped me turn my scattered thoughts into a coherent outline. Her approach is a warm, guiding light, bringing clarity and order to the often chaotic creative process. She doesn’t just instruct; she walks with you, combining emotional support and practical advice in a way that brings your writing dreams tantalizingly within reach. Thank you, Denise Renee, for being a light, turning muddled dreams into structured, achievable goals!

Tashana Thompson

CEO, Beyond Business Solutions

I'm Denise Renee and I made this just for you!

I help people write books and create impactful content that grows their personal or business brand. Many people I talk to want to write a book, but don't know how to start. Until now, the only way to get my help was to invest $3,500 or more to work with me one-on-one.

HOW TO START WRITING YOUR BOOK - The Live Accelerator is your opportunity to experience my 1-on-1 coaching style in a group setting.The structure and baked in camaraderie is designed to help you complete a fast first draft in a matter of weeks!


Who It's For

This is a mixed cohort; a blend of those who want to write their life story and those who want to share their expertise.


Applications are currently being accepted on a rolling basis.

Accepted applicants will be given a choice of start dates.

The 4-hour Group Intensive

The initial 4-hour intensive is typically held on a Saturday morning from 10:00am - 2:00pm Eastern via Zoom. Preparation is required and attendance is mandatory.

The Group Follow-up Calls

The 1-hour group coaching calls typically happens on the four Tuesday nights following the group intensive at 8:00pm Eastern. Attendance is strongly encouraged.

Live accelerator fAQs

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I want to write a children’s book, a novel, and/or a gratitude journal. Will this program help me?

In a word, no.

This program is for people who want to write a nonfiction book that shares either their deep knowledge on a topic or their personal story and their goal is to leverage that book to get more clients for their business and/or opportunities for their brand.

This program is not designed to help those interested in writing:

  • a novel
  • A collection of short stories
  • A collection of poetry
  • A children’s book
  • A prayer, meditation, gratitude, or inspirational journal
  • An anthology (collection of essays or chapters from various contributors)

For assistance creating those types of projects, CLICK HERE to consider On-Demand Coaching. For editorial help, start with an Editorial Assessment.

What is a "cohort?"

A cohort is a group of people that share characteristics. In learning environments, a cohort is a group of people that you experience a training or course with.

How large is a cohort?

The Live Accelerator cohorts are limited in size to a maximum of 15 people. A Live Accelerator cohort will operate if there are at least two people signed up for it.

If only one person has secured their spot in a scheduled cohort with a completed payment, that individual will be presented with a choice of the following options: 

(a) be scheduled for the next available cohort date, or 

(b) receive two weeks of On-Demand coaching in addition to the interactive ebook and workbook bundle which accompanies The Live Accelerator.

Why are cohorts Limited?

The Live Accelerator cohorts are intentionally limited so that your coach will have the opportunity to get to know each participant and their book ideas very well. 

The initial 4-hour intensive and subsequent 1-hour group coaching sessions are dedicated to providing real-time coaching and feedback to each participant. If the cohort is too large, everyone will not receive a high level of personalized attention.

What is the difference between the “Expert Edition and “Life Story” editions of The Live Accelerator?

The “Expert” edition is specifically focused on individuals who want to write a book that taps into their deep knowledge of a subject or specific solution.

The “Life Story” edition is specifically focused on individuals who want to share their life story for the reader’s benefit. 

If cohorts are not specifically labeled, then an individual who wishes to write either book type is welcomed to apply for that cohort as it will be a mixed group.

What happens If I am accepted into the next cohort?

At the conclusion of your Live Accelerator Application Review call with your coach, you will know if you have been invited to participate in the upcoming cohort or if another option was recommended to you.

Upon acceptance, you will be given the opportunity to secure your space with a payment. You may select the one time payment option or the two payment option; in the two-payment scenario, your second payment will be automatically billed 21 days after you make your first payment.  

Payment in full must be received by the cohort’s payment deadline in order to secure your place in that cohort. If your second payment is delayed or you pay after the deadline, you may be scheduled for a later cohort (if being offered) or you will be granted two weeks of On-Demand Coaching alongside the interactive ebook and workbook bundle which accompanies The Live Accelerator

Once your payment has been completed, you will receive a welcome email with the full schedule and details for your cohort, including:

  • The initial 4hr intensive date and time.
  • The 4 live group coaching sessions date and times.
  • Zoom links for all sessions.
  • Instructions on how to access the ebook and workbook.

What is included in the ebook and workbook bundle?

The interactive ebook and workbook is the foundational curriculum for The Live Accelerator experience. It lays out the methodology Denise Renee uses to help her one-on-one clients get clarity about their books and shape the content.

The interactive eBook is a 40-page PDF document. You may print it out or view it on any device. Six video lessons are embedded inside the interactive ebook. Access them by tapping the thumbnails or links while viewing the PDF from an internet connected device.

The workbook is printable for those who prefer to work by hand. Alternatively, access is provided to a Google Doc version which you can download to your own device and edit.

Is it mandatory to complete the ebook and workbook prior to the 4-hour intensive?

In a word, yes. 

It is important that, at the very least, you have read the ebook and watched all the embedded videos inside. The more you are familiar with the methodology that will be executed during the Live Intensive, the more time your coach can spend with you to customize the information to your specific book ideas. 

You can begin to fill out the workbook prior to the 4-hour intensive, but it’s OK if you get stuck or have questions. The main goal of the 4-hour Intensive is for you to bring your questions and leave with your workbook completed. It will be your personal roadmap for your book writing process. 

How long will it take me to complete the Interactive eBook and workbook?

If you’d like to consume the ebook in one sitting, set aside 2½ hours.

  • Reading the entire ebook alone will take most people 40 - 60 minutes. 
  • Watching all the embedded videos back to back will take about 90 minutes.

How long it takes to complete all the exercises in the workbook will vary by person.

  • It may take you as little as an hour or as much as investing a small amount of time daily for a few days.
  • Completing the workbook on your own prior to the Live Intensive isn’t mandatory, but getting started and being familiar with the questions is strongly encouraged. Receiving assistance completing your workbook and answering your questions along the way will be the focus of the Live Intensive. The more prepared you are, the better your experience will be.

What is the 4-hour Intensive and what should I expect?

The 4-hour intensive is the kick off to The Live Accelerator experience.

Attendance is mandatory. If you know you will not be able to attend at the date and time posted for the intensive, do not apply for this program and consider On-Demand Coaching instead.

During the 4-hour intensive, some information introduced in the interactive ebook and workbook bundle will be covered. Supplemental information not covered in the ebook will also be presented.

Your coach will dedicate a large amount of time to working through the workbook together, answering questions from the live participants, and giving attention to each individual to customize the learning materials to their book idea.

A recording will be provided only to live participants so they can review the individualized coaching they received, as well as benefit from hearing everyone else being coached.

What should I expect from the 4 weekly group coaching calls?

The four weekly group coaching calls are one hour each. As participants should have begun their writing process, your coach will dedicate most of the time to answering individual questions about their progress. 

Attendance is strongly recommended as it is your opportunity to interact with your coach live. However, if you have a scheduling conflict, you can submit your questions in advance via email and hear your question answered on the recording that will be provided to all cohort participants.

Can I register for The Live Accelerator but not attend? Can I get a recording and do the work later?

In a word, no.

This is a live program. Your presence and participation are an integral part of the experience. You can not receive coaching and customization of the information for your unique situation without being present for the live group sessions.

The schedule for the cohort is provided before you can even apply. If you know you will not be able to be present for the mandatory 4-hour Intensive which kicks off the 5-week experience, then do not apply or pay for this program. 

Attendance at the 4-hour intensive is mandatory. 

A recording of this session will only be made available to participants who showed up live so they can review the individualized coaching they received.

If you want a coaching experience that is highly flexible and works around your demanding schedule, consider On-Demand Coaching

If you are accepted into a cohort and you pay to reserve your spot, but a life emergency happens and you accidentally miss the 4-hour intensive, connect with your coach for an alternative but equivalent coaching experience so that your investment will not be forfeit.a

What if I don't want a group experience? Can I learn on my own?

If you prefer a self-paced, DIY learning experience without a group and without direct access to your coach, the Interactive eBook and workbook bundle are available as their own experience. CLICK HERE for details and for instant access.

If I attend all the sessions and do all the work, what should I expect?

If you have attended all the live sessions fully prepared, remained engaged and got your questions answered, and you completed all the work as instructed, then when this experience concludes in approximately 5 weeks, you should: 

  • Have identified the ideal audience for your book.
  • Have clarity around your book’s topic.
  • Have completed an outline of your book.
  • Have created a plan for writing and completing your manuscript.
  • Be on your way to finishing (depending on your efforts) a fast first draft of your manuscript.

When will I start getting my first clients and opportunities from my book?

We don’t guarantee specific outcomes (such as number of clients or opportunities gained) as a result of writing a book. Individual results will vary based on individual efforts and a variety of factors outside our control including:

  • the subject matter you chose to write about and the size of the marketplace for that subject.
  • how well written and edited your book is.
  • how aesthetically pleasing your book cover and presentation is.
  • how well you promote your book to your intended audience.
  • how consistently you are generating new sales for your book.
  • your ability to recognize and negotiate for the opportunities that arise as a direct result of your book.

To summarize: how quickly or slowly you will start experiencing the benefits of writing a book will depend on the schedule and goals you set for yourself, plus your dedication to consistently executing on your plans.

Do i need to purchase anything else?

No. This product is sufficient to provide the guidance it promises without any additional purchases. 

Optional: once you’ve completed your manuscript, you can get a second opinion with an Editorial Assmeemet.

Is the Live Accelerator right for me?

This is NOT for you if you want to write a fictional novel or a short story collection.

This is NOT for you if you want to write a poetry collection book.

This is NOT for you if you want to write children’s books.

This is NOT for you if you want to write prayer, meditation, gratitude, and/or inspirational journals.

This is NOT for you if you want to compile and edit or contribute a single chapter to an anthology book (where many authors contribute one chapter each). 


This IS for you if, as a solo author, you want to write a nonfiction book that will help you get more clients and opportunities for your personal or business brand. 

  • This is for you if you want to tell your life story or share your business/career experiences to attract a targeted audience of people to your personal or business brand. 
  • This is for you if you have tried to write a book of this nature on your own and know you need guidance.
  • This is for you if you have a lot of ideas for your book but you can’t narrow them down.
  • This is for you if you are a/an:
    • Coach
    • Consultant
    • Content Creator
    • Network Marketer
    • Career Professional
    • Manger
    • C-Suite Executive
    • Entrepreneur
    • Small Business Owner
    • Freelancer
    • Side Hustler
    • Politician
    • Doctor
    • Lawyer
    • Real Estate professional
    • Licensed Financial Expert
    • Artist (all mediums)
    • Musician
    • Dancer
    • Pastor / Spiritual Leader
    • Public Speaker
    • Seller of physical products, services, or Ideas of all types

Why should I invest now?

If you are wondering if you should make an investment in your yourself by getting help writing your book now, consider this: 

What is not having a book costing you right now?

What clients and opportunities are you missing out on because your book isn’t currently available to promote on your behalf?

What will change in your life or business if you don’t make a change right now?

Do your answers to those questions help put your situation in a different perspective? Follow your instincts and make the decision that is best for you.

Please note: prices on this web page are subject to change without warning or announcement. So the price you see displayed now is only guaranteed for today.

What if I don't like the program? or what if it doesn't work for me?

All purchases are final. No refunds are offered because of the nature of this exchange.

If, once your money was returned to you, the information shared, value given, and time invested could be returned back to, we would gladly offer refunds. 

It is impossible to return a digital product; once access to the information has been granted, it can not be rescinded. Additionally, the years of experience and expertise developed, which has been condensed into this experience for you, can not be returned once you've been exposed to it. 

Once you’ve reviewed the physical products and experienced live coaching, there is no way to know or measure the lasting impact it will have on your future actions, even if you don’t initially like it or think you found it valuable. 

You are encouraged to do your due diligence to vet Denise Renee, her personality, her teaching style and past client experience to determine if she is the right coach for you.

All efforts have been made to accurately represent the information and experience contained within HOW TO START WRITING YOUR BOOK - The Live Accelerator in advance of purchase to the best of our ability.

Your success is 100% dependent upon your efforts to implement the instruction provided within the product.

Please read the guarantee statement and the response to the FAQ question: “When will I start getting my first clients and opportunities from my book?” 

If you are not comfortable with the answer provided to the question above, or are not comfortable with the guarantee or the refund policy as stated below, or are not sure if Denise Renee is the right coach for you, we do not advise you apply for consideration.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

  • We DO guarantee that the program delivers exactly what is promised on this page. 
  • We DO guarentee that the advice given will be based on the most up-to-date industry best practices for book writing and self-publishing and the creator's experience helping past clients.
  • We DO NOT guarantee any specific lenght of time it will take for you to complete your book. Nor do we guarantee any set amount of book sales or other results as all are dependent on your own efforts and other factors which are outside of our control. 


Applications are currently on a rolling basis. Submit your application for consideration. Once you do, you will be immediately directed to schedule an application review session; it is an opportunity to ask questions to determine if this is a mutual fit. If you are invited into the next cohort, you will have a choice of start dates and you will select your payment plan to secure your space.

One Payment 


or 2 payments of $1,400.00 21 days apart

live 4hr intensive

four 1hr group coaching sessions

supplemental training and mini-courses 

ebook (with detailed videos) & workbook