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Here is what one of our resume clients had to say about her experience working with Denise Renee.

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resume services

resume review or linkedIn profile review


Receive an evaluation of the current state of your resume or LinkedIn profile, plus at least three specific actions you can take to make improvements on your own. It's the perfect way to get budget-friendly help from an expert. Because the service is upgradable, it is also a low-risk way to get a taste of working with Denise Renee.

resume review AND linkedIn profile review


Receive an evaluation of the current state of your resume AND your LinkedIn profile. You will receive at least three specific actions on your resume and LinedIn profile (for a total of at least six recommendations) you can take to make improvements on your own.

resume coaching


Are you confident in your writing skills but you just need to be pointed in the right direction? Let Denise Renee guide you, line-by-line, to creating your most effective resume you've ever written to date!

linkedIn profile coaching


Have you filled out all the sections of your profile but you're not sure why you're not getting noticed? Let Denise Renee guide you, line-by-line, to creating a profile that attracts the right attention from recruiters and micro influencers in your space... and maybe even your co-workers' envy!

resume rewrite


Don't have the time, patience or skills to handle rewriting your own resume with guidance? Then sit back, relax and let Denise Renee interview you for about 90 minutes, then turn it into your secret weapon that earns you a seat at the interviewing table.

linkedIn profile rewrite


LinkedIn profiles are more than just a glorified resume. Let Denise Renee create a clear distinction for you between the two tools. After a 90-minute interview, she'll have what she needs to help your skills shine so you can take your personal brand and career to the next level.

resume rewrite AND linkedIn profile rewrite


You're already busy with your job and hunting for a new one is a full-time side hustle. Invest a fraction of the raise you'll be positioned to get today to secure that new job with the best job hunting tools at your disposal: a resume and LinkedIn profile written by Denise Renee.

custom cover letter template


Cover letters are not used frequently any more... but every now and then, it is a required part of the hiring process. Most people unknowingly put their worst foot forward. Let Denise Renee help you create a cover letter template specifically tailored to you and teach you how to customize it for every job you apply for. 

interview preparation


Are you landing interviews but not walking out with the job? Do you feel caught off guard by some of the questions you've been asked? Let Denise Renee put her past experience working in the recruiting field to work for you. You will have a 90+ minute Zoom session where your answers will be evaluated and suggestions given for improvement. You'll also receive the recording.